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The world we live in, not just the crypto world, is full of trash and it can be hard to deceiver the good from the bad sometimes. With that being said, among the garbage are hidden treasures that can be life changing to anyone who pursues them. The Australian Ibis, or the Bin chicken, is known as a scavenger that scours through others rubbish and may be considered a dirty creature. What if they were misunderstood this entire time? Searching through the shit to find the very best. The bin chicken brigade is a community who believes there are hidden gems, know matter where you look or how bad of a place they come from and it is our quest to help find them and reveal them to the world.


                                 One person's trash, is another person's treasure.


Phase 1

- Design 1050 unique and elegant NFT's ✔


- Start minting the OG collection, followed by the pixelated clones. Details to be confirmed. - A trading centre will be built to trade for your pixelated clone with other members to get that winning match.


- Grow a community aspiring to help out a fellow friend or a stranger in the quest to wealth and happiness. This includes adding new members to our team with advanced software and web design skills.


- Get the king of NFT's, SNOOP DOGG, one of our finest chickens and get this ball rolling.

Phase 2

- We want this community to have a large say in what direction they would like to see this collection head.


- Polls will be added to members and onlookers on new ideas, trends and future projects to steer the ship for future collections.


-Accessories, backdrops, animations, collaborations, will be decided by its members and therefore will be given first dibs on new releases.

- As mentioned the first release will be based around simplicity and growing a community, there will be no limits on what will follow.

Phase 3

- The Metaverse is here and it isn't going anywhere, our goal is to be apart that. Once again its It is up to you, the people of this community to send this exciting project onwards and upwards. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.-

- Everybody should be proud of there NFT and flaunt it as they please. MERCH INCOMING!


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